UL Innovation Fund 2022

Meet the winners of the 3th Innovation Fund.

The UL Innovation Fund is intended for UL researchers who have a technology or solution for already identified challenges, but are missing a step or two to bring it closer to realization.

Which projects does the Innovation Fund target?

Knowledge transfer projects which lack any of the following steps needed to conclude a licensing/assignment contract, contract on joint development, or apply for a bigger tender to verify the concept :

  • A feasibility study,
  • Market research,
  • A working prototype,
  • Confirmed functioning of the technology in an industrial/clinical environment,
  • Establishment of relations with relevant businesses.

Who can apply?

  • Research projects, whose intellectual property is owned by the University of Ljubljana.
  • If there are several owners, the technology shall be at least 50% (if there are two owners) or at least 30% (if there are three or more owners) owned by the University of Ljubljana.
  • If the project involves University’s know-how, appropriate legal relations shall be entered into with the University of Ljubljana.
  • An individual researcher may participate only with one project application.

Eligible costs

  • Labour costs for a new/additional associate at the University of Ljubljana (up to 20% of the funds received)
  • Material costs
  • External costs (consulting services, feasibility study, prototype production, market analysis or research)
  • Equipment (up to 30% of the funds received)
  • Participation or appearance at trade shows
  • VAT

Annual budget

EUR 70,000

Funds per project

EUR 5,000 to 25,000

How do I apply?

Send your completed and signed application form and application documents to gospodarstvo@uni-lj.si.

We advise everyone interested in the UL Innovation Fund to contact the Knowledge Transfer Office before applying.

Evaluation procedure

The fund recipients shall be selected by a committee consisting of six members. The final decision on the projects selected shall be made by the University of Ljubljana Rector. The committee may allocate amounts lower than the ones requested to the projects selected.

Assessment criteria

  • Team references
  • Project innovation
  • Market potential
  • Feasibility of the project proposal
  • Feasibility of the financial plan
  • Letters of support from organisations/businesses
  • Intent to establish a spin-off
  • The technology will be tested in cooperation with industry partners

Repayment of funds

If the project is commercialised, the Innovation Fund’s investment in the project shall be deemed a direct cost. The commercialisation royalties shall first be used to cover these costs, while the remaining royalties shall be divided in accordance with Article 19 of the Rules on the management of industrial property rights at the University of Ljubljana.

Call for Proposals Documents

Innovation Fund Call

Application Form

Statement of the co-owner

Evaluation sheet

Contract – Innovation Fund and UL members

Final report

For more information contact Simona:

Simona Rataj, MSc
Head of Department for Strategic Marketing of IP

About the University of Ljubljana Innovation Fund

The University of Ljubljana, including its members, invests considerable resources in the legal protection of intellectual property (especially patenting). However, because these technologies are at a lower technology readiness level, they are less attractive to industrial partners.

To this end, the University of Ljubljana established the Innovation Fund in April 2020, which will enable teams at the University of Ljubljana that develop innovative solutions bring their solutions closer to higher technology readiness level and thus also industrial partners and market.

The funds of the Innovation Fund are allocated to selected projects through the Call.

Brief Information on the UL Innovation Fund – FLYER


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