Hydrodynamic cavitation wastewater treatment


A serious environmental threat facing humanity is the rapid growth of waste. These include wastewater and its micropollutants (personal care products, medicines, pesticides, surfactants, heavy metals, chlorinated organic solvents and polyaromatic hydrocarbons), hazardous viruses, microorganisms and difficult-to-degrade microplastics. The disadvantages of conventional wastewater treatment processes are the high energy consumption and the use of chemical agents, and they are associated with high costs and environmental risks.

Description of the Invention

Our invention is an alternative technological solution: a new and efficient combination of hydrodynamic cavitation, photochemical and photocatalytic processes. It is a combination of green oxidation processes that do not require the addition of external oxidants, and thus do not contribute to the formation of secondary pollutants in the treated sample.

Main Advantages

  • Green oxidation process
  • Wide variety of applications (municipal sewage, industrial water, waste activated sludge…)
  • Scalable and modular device that can operate as a stand-alone unit or integrated into an existing process
Developed by
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical engineering

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