There is a mass of smartphone apps that have the ability to help in an emergency situation, but these suffer from usability issues, lack of trust, and are not integrated into the official 112 system.

Description of the Invention and Main Advantages

We’ve developed SNAPRING = an everyday activity & personal safety app with seamless emergency features:

  • Green button: self-tracking service (extreme sports, city nightlife).
  • Advanced maps: officially reported emergencies, traffic info and advanced weather maps.
  • Seamless emergency features requiring no user interaction (112 module).
  • The app detects a 112 voice call (no interaction needed) & automatically sends all information into the 112 centre.
  • Possibility to upgrade the 112 communication through the app – messaging, video conference, sharing of images & videos etc.
  • EENA PEMEA compliant – standardization.
  • Integrated into official 112 ecosystem.
Developed by
Laboratory for telecommunications at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering

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