Are you one of those students who are constantly thinking up good ideas, innovations and business opportunities?

Before you start to check the quality of your idea and start to make it happen, it is necessary to look at how the entrepreneurial idea or the invention was created.

If the invention was created in collaboration with researchers and teaching staff at the University of Ljubljana, we invite you to read “From Idea to Market”  beforehand.

If your idea was born during the time of your study or in your spare time and you will not develop it at the University, then we invite you to read the directions on how to realize your idea and who can help you with this in the text below.

Answer these three key questions


Who are the potential users of my solution?


Which existing alternative solutions do I know about (“competition known to us”)?

Market research

What is the market situation (market growth, market readiness for my product or service)?

How can I check whether my idea already exists on the market?

You can check the market situation by searching through patent databases, industry reports and the internet:

Use our help

How can Knowledge Transfer Office help you

Consultations about entrepreneurial ideas

Consultations about the legal protection of intellectual property

Help in connecting with the business sector

Counselling about copyright relating to final theses

Legal counselling on participation in research projects

Basic counselling before setting out on an entrepreneurial path

Help in preparing business models

Brief and effective training in the marketing, finance and running of a company

Mentorship in developing companies

Spaces, offices and conference rooms for rent

Networking with other entrepreneurs, investors, developers, etc.

To facilitate your entry into the entrepreneurial world, we have prepared some key information:

You can check and present your entrepreneurial idea at various events and competitions. These can present an excellent opportunity for networking and searching for potential members of your entrepreneurial team.

There are many such events, including:

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Explore what the University of Ljubljana’s career centres have to offer

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