15. June, 2023

UL concludes cooperation with CEBINA incubator and company Evotec for further development of innovations to the market

The aim of this partnership is to build bridges between research institutions and industry, harnessing shared knowledge and experience to develop innovative products that will bring benefits to the market.

Cooperation between CEBINA (Central European Biotech Incubator and Accelerator, which also includes Danube Labs), Evotec and the University of Ljubljana opens up new opportunities for innovation in the biotechnology industry.

The CEBINA incubator was founded with the aim of creating and promoting companies in the field of life sciences, for the development of new medicines and cutting-edge technologies. At the same time, with the help of the expertise of Evotec, a leading company in the field of drug discovery and development, they can effectively develop research projects into products that have great market potential.

Cooperation between these partners will enable the exchange of knowledge, technological resources and experience. The University of Ljubljana will provide support in the commercialization of innovations within the framework of the UL Knowledge Transfer Office and with UL research experts. “In vitro” and “in vivo” studies will be carried out, which are crucial for the progress of the selected project for successful introduction to the market.

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