Success stories

“FEspirator” a prototype of outstanding cooperation

During the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Italy, when there was a serious lack of ventilators, the Government’s “Slovenian Ventilator” initiative was joined by the UL Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Through exemplary collaboration with students, companies and experts from other institutions, a working prototype of a medical ventilator, called…

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Vitabits – an Example of the Transfer of University Knowledge to the Commercial Sector

Vitabits, a remote monitoring and telemedicine system, exemplifies collaboration and transfer of knowledge to the commercial sector. Intellectual property rights were transferred to Ipmit d.o.o. for further development and marketing, while Vitasis, a spin-out company founded by the University of Ljubljana, continues to develop the solution. Telemedicine – the provision…

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Gorenje – a development partnership with the University of Ljubljana for almost 70 years

Gorenje are a well-known manufacturer of white goods, although few remember how they started out in 1950: as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Their range of fruit mills became particularly successful and, in 1956, they were granted their first patent, for a threshing machine. Two years later, the company entered…

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Iskratel and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Laboratory for Telecommunications, which operates within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, has been collaborating with Iskratel, d.o.o., Kranj for several years in the fields of research and analysis, prototype development, development tasks, and the maintenance of solutions, as well as in the monitoring and…

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Coats with superpowers from the University of Ljubljana

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Superman, but what about the University of Ljubljana’s “coats with superpowers”? This is a lab coat with special powers. It has self-cleaning and water-resistant properties, and retains the material’s air permeability. Every University of Ljubljana researcher who discloses a service invention to the Knowledge Transfer Office…

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M Sora – Develop innovations with the University of Ljubljana

Bold ideas and breakthrough innovations are essential for companies’ success on the market. This is something that is well-known by M Sora from Žiri, a company where innovativeness pervades all areas of operation and which collaborates successfully with the University of Ljubljana on its path to innovations. Transfer of knowledge…

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