mPOR d.o.o. – successful transfer of knowledge to the spin-off company

The story of the spin-out company mPOR d.o.o., started in the Laboratory for Biocybernetics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering UL and continues successfully.

Founded in 2021, company mPOR signed a license agreement with the University of Ljubljana for knowledge transfer in the field of electroporation technologies, and at the end of 2022 received funding from the P2 start-up incentive.

The company already employs 2 people and is currently manufacturing the next series of their product; the high-frequency electroporator of the next generation L-POR. It is a device used in cancer treatment and gene therapy. It works by using electrical pulses to temporarily increase the permeability of the cell membrane, through which specialists can then introduce medicinal substances into the cell. Electroporators currently on the market generate 100 μs-100 ms pulses, which are very uncomfortable and often painful for patients due to stimulation of pain receptors and muscle contraction. Their device provides a different, innovative type of 1-3 μs bipolar pulses that significantly reduce muscle contraction and pain during therapy.

mPOR is a practical example of the transfer of knowledge from the university to the real world, benefiting society at large. This is why the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana and the University of Ljubljana have shown outstanding support and cooperation in the project, which today is an example of excellent practice. The Faculty is well aware of the benefits of spin-offs for the researchers, the teaching process, the development of the Biocybernetics Laboratory and, last but not least, the satisfaction of the innovators when their innovation is used in society.

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